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I'm sick of being ignored via TXT
• How often do you get a text from someone who is asking about something, and decide to ignore them outright?

• Why do you ignore them?

This has been happening to me more and more lately from many people.
I will see them days later and get an "I've been busy" time and time again, even if they've spent time playing Facebook games, posting online, or even doing other things that I know gave them the 10 seconds it would take to give me back a simple response.
A simple "Sorry, I'll get back to you later", or "Call me later." would be nice... but the cold shoulder, especially from "friends" frustrates me.

How about you?

I've never liked texting--I prefer to talk on the phone.  The reason is that I find it more personable, and I know the other person has gotten the message.  But I've texted people because they have asked me to--because they claim to "prefer it".  ((I will also text in areas of low signal strength because it will eventually send.))

But I think I'm going to stop texting soon and go back to calling. :(  At least when I've left a message, I'll have heard something even if I'm STILL being ignored. :(


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