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Torakhan's Journal

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Just some guy from West Michigan, USA. I'm a gamer and occasional illustrator.
I attended several schools in my past, trying to find a career that used my artistic/illustrative talents; Right out of High School I went to Muskegon Community College for a year and dropped out. Next I went to Ferris State University, where I took their Visual Communication/Visual Design (Get your VD at FSU!) and left just shy of a 2-year degree because I couldn't pass two of the main classes I needed for graduation. A year after that I went to Grand Valley University. I was accempted into their Fine Arts freshman program (with 80 credits of Electives, as most of my classes didn't convert!). I finally left that world of "Higher Education" for jobs that paid well and gave me health benefits. In the end, I wound up getting a job doing what I couldn't succeed at doing at Ferris.

I play lots of different tabletop Role Playing Games (AD&D, WoD, 7th Sea, L5R, Rifts, Champions, etc. etc.). I am also an online gamer (Text based RPGs), and carry many personas, including an anthro-tiger known as "Torakhan" and a Satyr by the name of "Grieg Moorman".

Finally, I'm a Craic Head (A fan of the Celtic-Folk-Rock Bar group "Craic Wisely")
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