Laptop... getting fixed soon?
Torakhan - Pleased
 Sooo, last December I was using my laptop when I got a BSD.  I restarted and it tried to boot up and found no OS.  Ever again.
A friend helped me try to solve the problem and (for what we can tell) the HD formed a bad sector right on the boot directory and so all of the data is (mostly) there, but without an index to tell it where the pieces are, it wasn't ever going to boot up again.  I got a file recovery program and tried to capture all that I could... but it captured copies of everything and some of it wound up corrupt and I have, like, 1.5TB of information off of a drive that only had 150GB of data used on it.  *sigh*

Anyways, just as I was about to try to get it fixed and stuff, my job happened and my soul got sucked away and it's sat here forever since.

At some time last month I sent off an Email to the company I have my extended warranty through.  They gave me a phone number to the support center.  So last Friday I gave them a call and reported the computer, finally.  Their tech center called today to tell me that they were shipping a box in the next few days to send them my computer with.

I can't wait to have my laptop back.  But, part of me is a little nervous--While the data is "recovered", what I have isn't really an image of the bad drive, but what it pulled off of it, however it pulled it off, and obviously with some issues (If I had a file called "data file", I have multiples of it titled "data_file_1", "data_file_2", "data_file_3", etc... which is how I have 1.5TB of files from 150GB of original files..)  Part of me wants to hold onto the drive just in case I can find a better way of recovering the whole and real files.  But... I might not be able to. *sigh*  A drive of the same type would cost about $45 on Tiger Direct, but since Acer didn't send me an actual Windows disk, and replacing the HD by myself might void my warranty, I guess I have to send it all back to them and when they get it find out if they'll send me back the broken one anyways.

FCN this weekend
Torakhan - Pleased
This weekend is FCN (Furry Connection North.)  I will be there with other artist friends dogsoul  and mechanicalhyena .  I don't know if I'll be working the Artist's Alley this year, but I think they will be.  I really don't have any plans, and trying to keep it that way for now.  I'm not sure what I'll be doing, but hopefully it'll involve some drawing and good times. :)

April Fools Day Websites 2011. Enjoy them!
Torakhan - Happy
Starting later today, the internet will be witness to another day of fake web sites and offers.
Sites like will show you what's out there to entertain you with.  Maybe it's fake products by Google,, or ThinkGeek.  Maybe it's fake news articles, or web sites doing throw-back designs to the early 90s, and more.

So if you find a site while you're online today, or Friday, feel free to share them with everyone you know. :D

A change a'comin'...
Torakhan - Pleased
Well... this Friday, Zeeland Public Schools are out for the beginning of their Spring Break.  Our bosses would like us to come into work early on Friday (as early as 8am) and put in our 10s so we're out by 6:30pm.  However, that will only happen if we can get out at a reasonable time on Thursday... like, getting out at 10pm or so on Thursday (because to be at work at 8am, I'd have to get up by 6am, and getting home at 3:30am and sleeping for 2.5 hours isn't going to work out for me.)  Now, I could possibly not go in on Friday (since I have college classes at 11am which I could skip if I needed to) and work Saturday instead, or in addition to Friday.  The 50+ hour work week would be a nice paycheck.  Especially since next week I only work Monday thru Thursday (because FCN is next weekend!)

Tonight we got out early.  We finished the rooms at New Groningen and packed up the trailer and left at 11pm.  Tomorrow we start at Woodbridge, then Lincoln (next week?) and finally ECC to complete our schools.  After we finish ECC, we will probably have another few weeks of work doing changes/fixes/etc., as well as removing the televisions from the classrooms.  (Which reminds me... anyone local need a used TV? Most are around 27" - 36" or so.  Old CRT style, but likely are less than 10 years old and haven't gotten much use.  They're likely to be recycled if not claimed.)

FCN is next week.  I'll be taking Kyle and Gil with me, and the two of them will be doing Artists Alley if they can manage it.  I still have Pakesh's piece to do, and so I won't even be thinking about that sorta thing until I'm done with his piece!

Sleepy time for me.  I'm sure tomorrow will be fun and joy all-day long! </sarcasm> *sigh*

Thursday already?!
Torakhan - Angry
 Dude. It's going on Thursday already? Holy crap.  I've worked 3 days already, just 2 more (that I know of) and then the weekend is mine.
Sunday  my plan is to have my face encased in plaster for a while.  But beyond that... I mean, I've got some cleaning I need to do, and some homework and commission work that NEEDS to be done too.

Monday and Tuesday came and went too quickly. Today our on-site leader returned... not only still sore from a back injury/thing, but also with the flu.  Apparently he was "forced" to return by upper-management, and so being cranky already, he was even more on edge, PLUS he was catching up on where we were since not only did he miss the last school, but wasn't there for the last days of the previous school as well.
EVERYONE is under pressure, and it all just heaps heavier and heavier.  Our current school (Roosevelt) was supposed to be done tonight. Well... didn't happen (obviously) but maybe tomorrow.  We need more people, but they won't bring on anyone else.  We have a looming deadline that only draws closer (the 10th of April) and we're just not going fast enough.  Will we be working 7-days of 12-hour+ shifts? Will we be flooded with the office staff and other folks from the company to finish the job on time?  Will they "inform" us that they've been given another X-weeks to finish?  Time will only tell.  The toughest part is to find some way of concentrating on the work I'm doing, pushing away the stressful pressure that everyone is throwing around and just work away the best I can and not let the rest of it get in my way.  All of this is probably getting old, but... it's a daily thing. *sigh*

Saturday 2:30am can't come soon enough.

I just want to hide away, curl up in a ball and let this terrible life go.
It's all because of the stress at work right now.  I hate the drug-using, lying, lazy, thieving, abusive, assholes I work with.  I hate the inability of the company to realize just what they're employees are doing, how poorly we're managed, and how distant they are from reality on every level.  I hate that the folks who should be making decisions are either doing so with no idea of what's going on, or can't do anything about what's going on to make the changes that need to be made.
After this job, I may work for the company again, but I will never work with this crew again.  That might mean that I don't work for the company again anyways, but so be it.  This job is corroding my soul like an acid and I just want it to end.
The job is supposed to be done by FCN weekend.  In fact, they won't be happy that I won't be there for the "Last few days" that the project is scheduled to have to be completed... but I'm not even sure I'm going to go back after FCN either.

My hope is that after FCN, I will have some new sense of vitality and energy.  I will cast off this terrible scab that is actually wounding me more, and when the new healing begins, I will take the discomfort and know that better things are coming.

Maybe "something" will happen in the next 3 weeks and I will somehow feel better (a change in on-site management, personnel, or something else), but I doubt it. 

... or maybe it's that goddamned sunlight and warm air that's making me frustrated/angry/ugly inside.  I miss Winter already.

And they think Democrats want to control folks' lives?
Torakhan - Sad
So, the Republicans complain that government is over-reaching?  Check out the new bill that Michigan just passed:

"Under the legislation, the Michigan Messenger reports, the governor could declare a "financial emergency" in towns or school districts. He could then appoint a manager to fire local elected officials, break contracts, seize and sell assets, eliminate services - and even eliminate whole cities or school districts without any public input." - CBS news report

I'm really surprised that this hasn't gotten more NATIONAL attention.  This isn't even about a budget, this is about a shift in control of power over what choices people can make about their own local governments.  If you're Democratic or Republican, this has to be sour in your stomach either way!  

Is your city having a budget shortfall? The governor can assign someone you've never heard of, from another place, and they can make decisions about our local government, school district, municipalities, and more.  Your local school district may become part of another, or broken up, your choice of services may be altered for you, and local projects important to you and your local community may be deemed unfit and terminated because someone else thinks they know better than the people of your area.

There are a few demonstrations around the state, but a big one is happening on Tuesday at the Capitol building in Lansing.

But please go check out the "Emergency Management Bill" yourself and see what you think.

Yes, in a perfect world, maybe it would only be used in the most dire of circumstances, for the betterment of the people who don't see just how bad things are getting and will get, and it'll take an outside force to get them back on the right track.  Then again, is it right for the few to make a decision for the many, even if they are making the wrong decisions?   I can see both sides, and to be honest, I'm torn because I do see how a failing area could be siphoning the money away from other areas through X-means to stay afloat when that money could be used elsewhere, if it's really even available.  Or should we let certain cities/locations just suffer and become destitute 3rd-world locations and hotbeds of crime, inhumane practices, or worse as they spiral out of control?
The sad part is that we are selfish and we expect greater things than we can afford, or actually need.  One day we WILL  have to live a more simple lifestyle, but no one is willing (at least in large enough numbers) to give up the comforts of things they expect to have--be that their HDTVs in every room of the house, 2 cars for each person living there over the age of 14, or a house with bedrooms big enough to park 3 cars in it.  Our lifestyle cannot continue this way.  We are going to have to live more simply... growing some of our own food, living in more managable houses, purchasing less expensive things, and saving more money.  Of course, that will impact our economy, which will have to work harder to export goods more than import... and create a new social change.  

As you can tell, I don't have great hopes for such a thing.  But I don't think that giving the power to businesses, or taking the "humanity" out of our system will help us either.  We will need to find some sort of happy medium if we are going to move forward.  But right now, it feels like we're moving at blazing speeds into a terrible car crash that will leave us all in a very bad way very soon, only blaming one another.  We must become less polarized! We must learn to work together, to give and take.  No more plugging our ears and screaming about the other side being unreasonable.  We must be willing to compromise and work together, or we'll surely break ourselves into pieces.

Friday Night happened too
Torakhan - Pleased
Well, well, well.  We got to work and we were told, "When we finish these rooms, we leave for the night."  No moving to the next school, we just go and hit the next school on Monday.  That meant that if we got our act together and things went smoothly, we could be out in just a few hours (and because I worked 6 hours on Monday, I only needed to be there for 4 hours tonight.)  But, of course, fate was not on our side and we worked through Lunch to get out sooner... and.. well... 7.5 hours later, we walked out feeling rather beaten and broken.
Still, I called it--we got there and were told we were going to finish up the school, then head home right after.  I don't mind the overtime pay though. :)

Tomorrow I don't really have any plans. I'd like to hang with the 'Yena and see if I can't get some artwork done, and some pics of me in the foamy-clothed tiger legs.  I don't suspect that she has the fur samples, or mask-making kit yet, so I won't expect that to happen.
Afterwards, Michigan Irish Music Festival is having their St. Pat's fundraiser at the Fricano's Event Center, starting at 5:30pm.  I might show up early to get in some more pizza time, or if I'm occupied during the day, I might show up later so as to still hang with folks AND get pizza time in. :)

Other than that, I've got nothing.
I still need to get my laptop fixed.  Gotta do my homework for class.  Gotta do some artwork before FCN. GOTTA!

Thursday happened. Friday will too.
1:24am (6 minutes until clock-out time) my boss comes to find me. "Are you done?" "Nope. Just one more room left (and would be done if I wasn't having to come out here and meet you...)"  "You're not done? Why aren't you done?"  "The rooms are a mess. Every desk has dust on it." "Well, the trailer is packed up, and I gotta get out of here. I guess you're locking up.  Make sure everything is closed up and turned off."  "Uh... okay."   And so... they left early, and I was left alone at the school.  I hope I closed up and left everything the way it should be.

Tomorrow (Friday) we're scheduled to work until 1:30am again... but our Leader has said he wants to leave by 11 because he has another job to do.  I have a feeling that what will happen is that we will start at 3pm.  We will have difficulties with this school and won't finish until 7 or 8pm.  At that point he will decide that it's not worth packing up, going to the next school, unpacking and doing an hour or less of work just to clean up and pack up again by 11, and so we'll have an early night tomorrow (which is fine, because I put in 6 hours on Monday, and just need 4 on Friday to give me my 40 hours.)

Also, gasoline in Holland was $3.65/gallon.  In Grand Haven it was 3.36/gallon.  For 30 cents per gallon, I was willing to fill up my tank (I put about 9 gallons in), for a "savings" of $2.50-ish.  That was fair enough for me.  However, it's making me think that I should TRY to limit my driving even moreso this weekend (Muskegon>Zeeland>Muskegon>Home on Friday, then driving to Muskegon again on Saturday, maybe Sunday too?... eeeesh.)  However, I may just chalk it up to "being social" and do it anyways.

Anyways... time for me to sleep.
I hope that the weekend will bring me some sort of peace and happiness.  I doubt it, but you never know.

Only available Satudays and Sundays for a while
Torakhan - Sad
Well, starting Monday, I'll be unavailable between 2pm and 3am, Monday thru Saturday morning.  Yep. 10-hour days, 5 days a week for about a month or so.   Right now I'm working 10s for only 4 days of the week, but... well, I'm sure I'll be exhausted come Saturday.  There goes my productivity for the next few months.  *sigh*  So if you don't see or hear much from me, besides posts at 4am, that's what's up.


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