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Torakhan - Pleased

Each year I watch the Super Bowl for the ads. This year was no different, other than I having recorded it and fast-forwarding through the game to get to the ads which still wound up taking a LOT of time. Oh, well. Here are my thoughts on the commercials.

Hungry Howies "You Can't say Super ****": Hah. And, yet, somehow... they did. Well done, getting around that pesky legal issue. :D

Coors "Silver Bullet Pint Launch": Meh. Really, that's all I got to say.

Hunger Games (movie): I've seen ads for this movie before and I'm still not impressed. It looks like it's just too contrived, and can't figure out if it's a movie for children or adults. But maybe I'm not the target audience and it'll be a hit for the 14-19 year-olds.

VelVita "Cops": Um, kinda cute, but it really didn't spark much interest or grab me. It just seemed to be

Downy Unstopables "Mean Joe Green": Amusing in that they re-purposed the Cocacola ad, and a few cute CG edits, but otherwise, it didn't seem like a very effective ad. It'll get folks to remember "Oh, that ad with Joe Green in it... do you remember what it was for? Was it for Coke?"

Universal Studios/Transformers the Ride-3D "Transformers Interruption": Interesting. The only initial clue that something was up was that the NBC return-from-commercial audio was a bit tinny. It seems that they didn't get the voices quite right on Optimus or Megatron either, but it could just be that the audio was a bit wonky in general. Otherwise, while it was kinda cool, it really seemed more like a teaser to get you to the website ( to check out more (what a way to save a few bucks. But, then again, the and NBC/NFL rights probably weren't cheap either.)

Pete Hoekstra "Debbie Spend It Now" (local political ad): Okay, I'm really kinda upset with this commercial. Seriously, WTF?! This is just a really STUPID commercial and I'm disgusted with it. I... I just can't really say how sickened I am that this is his OWN personal, theatrical political attack ad. It's so rediculous--A chinese woman in a rice field speaking in pigin-English thanking "Debbie Spend It Now" (and, yes, that's what she calls Debbie Stabenow several times to reenforce it) for giving money to China and taking it away from the US. Then Pete Hoekstra shows up and calls himself "Pete Spend It Not" ( This is the shitty sort of theatrics that I really hate seeing on ANY side of the political games and it frustrates me that it's finally rearing it's ugly head here.

Brann's Steakhouse - "This is Calvin Johnson. Welcome to Brann's. Real Food, Score Big": Seriously... that's it. A 5 second add. Got the point across, but... wow, a shorty. *L* The first commercial just at the "beginning" of the Superbowl. Nicely put, but supershort.

Geico "Schoolgirls": Okay, a bit weird, but, anyone else get the "creep-factor-feeling" about a guy hiring middle-school girls to watch him 24/7?

Audi "So Long Vampires": A vampire party in the woods and the guy's new Audi LED "Daylight" headlights bright (I assume they mean Kalvins, not just candlewatts) and everyone at the party in the lightbeams burst into flames. ... Damnit! They stole that from me! (and likely, hundreds of other V:tM players) My Gangrel trucker had those in 1998! *chuckle* #SoLongVampires

Hyundai "Veloster Turbo vs. Cheetah": Hah! A contest of who can take off faster? Hah! A great spin on the usual commercial. Not sure it shows off the product well, but certainly amusing to me. :D

M&Ms "Brown M&M": Hah! Again, quite amusing. Also, a nice LMFAO "wiggle wiggle wiggle" bit there too. :D

Best Buy "Creators of Cell Phones": I really like this commercial. Why? Because it gives names and faces to the folks who've made the devices and apps that folks use. :D Congrats to them!

Coca Cola "Crossed Fingers": Their expressions kinda remind me more of canines than polar bears. Am I just more used to the other animation style and this is more realistic, or did they just reference canines for this?

Chevy "Apocalypse": Pyramids, Robots, Alien Saucers, raining frogs, burning Big Boys and Twinkies... what more could you ask for?... unless you’re a Ford fan. ;)

Battleship (movie): Looking cooler. A lot like a Transformers sequel of some sort in appearance, but I don't mind. :D

Budweiser: "Prohibition is Over": If I remember, there was some time before it was ratified, and when it took effect. But, yes, if I remember, Budweiser did in fact deliver a case of Budweiser with the Clydesdales. I really like the set dressings and costuming. Good job on the commercial. :)

Doritos "Missing Cat": Uh.. Hah hah. Hah? Bribery gets you everywhere, I guess. But for $2 of doritos? I doubt he liked the cat in the first place.

Chevy "New Car": Uh... yea for excitement? But, otherwise.. uh.. what? I mean, it really could be any brand though.

Volkswagon "Weightloss Dog": More amusing than the dog that's working hard to loose the weight is the loving detail put into recreating the Star Wars scene with homage to last year's VW commercial with the kid-vader. :) I wonder if there's more of a story behind this.

Coca Cola "Catching the Bottle": Uh... to be honest, it felt like this commercial could have been half as long and still been just as effective, and cost less. I'm not sure what was gained by this part of the "story".

Avengers (movie): Hah! Tony Stark wearing a Black Sabbath T-shirt! (Get it? Iron Man?!) A lot of new material here (in fact, I'd say 90% of it is new.) "Confidence": Uh.. this one is just weird. A second head parasitically hanging off the back of him? Uh... ohhkayyy...

G.I. Joe (movie): I'm really liking the colors of the costumes in this movie. Any time a movie that originally had characters in the comics/cartoons/TVs wearing different outfits or colors, they put them all in black, or the same-looking outfits, or mute their absolute uniqueness for similarities, as if we wouldn't know that "That's the X-Men" or "That's Optimus Prime", or whatever. Finally the costumes seem to be mixing it up a bit with yellow, red, black, white, etc. Still not quite the eccentric differences that there were in the cartoons, but at least the bad guys aren't stuck to one look either. :) It actually looks like it could be a lot better than the first.

The Voice "Combat for the Voice": A nice touch with Betty White. :D

Toyota "Reinventing": Amusing. Not quite sure it shows off exactly how well it reinvented its own product, but the rest is amusing. "This is the reinvented sofa. It also comes in male" and the guy's nod and "Huh." expression are amusing. "This is the reinvented baby. It doesn't poop. It's also a time machine." XD Heh heh. Amusing. :D

Coca Cola "Frustrated": Why is there a penguiin near the polar bears? (if we can get past the idea of polar bears watching football and drinking Coke.)

Oikos Greek Yogart "Headbutt": Hah. Funny. :D Again, not sure it shows off the product, but... amusing.

Bud Light "Herewego": A cute little dog. Amusing. Fortunately, with Bud, they don't need to explain the product.


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